Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Which one would you choose?

I came across this in a class of one of the subjects i am going through in term6 at IIM Calcutta. Management through enlightenment.

The question was ?
which one would you choose? A happy but anxious and uncertain life or a dark but hopeful life? Its easy to say that fuck it and take on uncertainty and things will fall in place but its quite another thing when you actually set out to do it. Sometimes it takes an event big and shocking enough to jolt you into accepting uncertainty and get on with it. I mean in most of these uncertain events or eventualities, no one dies right.

But then again its easy to say when the time comes for it lets see who takes the road less traveled. and yeah once again "soch gehri ho to irada kamjor ho jata hai" - ankur pruthi (nsit/ice/98)

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