Sunday, December 09, 2007

Slice of italy. made in india

I am no agent of this pizza chain but I had one of theirs today. Go check them out (by the way i am in gurgaon these days so i dont know if they are present elsewhere) . They make some really nice ones. Better than dominos. Dominos remind me of the days when they launched in India and me and my old bachpan ka dost anant were hooked onto dominos so we would save pocket money and had a pizza almost every other day. Once we had 4 large 10 inch veggie margaritas between the two of us. Those were the days.

I just noticed that this is my third post in two days. He He. A busy man has time for everything. Note kar lo. Meri hi original line hai. Jaakar book padhta hoon koi.

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Captain Subtext said...

Yup, I am fan of theirs too. Haven't seen them outside NCR though. When I came to Joka, I was hoping Don Giovanni's would be like them, but my hopes were shattered soon. Their menu must have improved in the one-and-a-half years since I last had anything from it, but if they still have Calzones, do try them. Nothing like a hot calzone in Delhi's (or Gurgaon's) winter.