Sunday, December 23, 2007

where are all the beautiful girls???

*disclaimer: This post is a result of a recent discourse on the same which i had with my sidey (person living next to my room). Since I respect privacy and never take names I will not name him here.

I used to find them on trains, in buses (voh bhi public transport system wali, even haryana roadways), in sector 14's market in gurgaon but suddenly most of them have disappeared. Well sometimes I do find them in pubs and malls (just before the movie show starts or when they are about to turn a corner) but I fail to understand where do they stay.

I even changed my gtalk status (where are all the beautiful girls) and some female friends of mine did ask me that what does that mean. Well i didnt mean that. Its a beautiful world and all of us are God's own children but I was talking about the beauty that is skin-deep. Is it getting very sexist now? Tell me and I will say sorry also. But still where are all of you?

possible reasons: ( have more to do with growing indian economy)
1. they dont travel in trains. they fly now. many of them have become air hostesses now.
2. they drive around town in their own cars.
3. may be I am here in Calcutta (Joka, 20 km away from city) for the past 1.5 years.
4. i need to start going to the malls once again. I hated visiting malls. see thats how the retail revolution is gonna take off.

sorry again girls haan.

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