Friday, April 25, 2008

The road never leaves you

Thats why running is my first love. You can do it alone with the road as company and it never leaves you. If it does, or if it ends you can always come back to where you started from.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

doob ja mere pyaar mein ein ein ein

this new song from Jhonny gaddar. kafi mast latke jhatke wala dance hota hai is par...

Box that changed the world

Its only because of containers and boxes that world trade is today where it is today. Without containers you cant ship goods effectively. I have been in the business of selling boxes for about 2 years now and its been sheer fun. Really. No CEO or CXO of a company would know about boxes (corrugated or otherwise), essentially packaging stuff. They think its trivial. But they do when the production line stops. Why is that? Cause nothing moves in our world without packaging. Boxes are perhaps one of the few products which arnt shipped in boxes themselves. Everything else moves in cartons. I am in the same business.

and its my hypothesis that the perception of CEOs and CXOs is gonna change. Very soon. material handling industry is one area I am bullish about. Cheap manual labor will soon give way to pallet trucks and material handling tools. I am even looking for some companies to invest money. Its a broad call but I think its gonna work. Not big risk but I certainly see big returns.

About risk. It just occurred to me that Risk isnt only about risk but also about perception of risk. Ummm yeh thora deep ho gaya but mujhe aisa lagta hai. I don see any risk here but may be other people and even though I think that risk and return is a fundamental law but the perception of other people is what changes the law here in this case.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

whos stopping us

Tragedy of the commons. Its one of the many archetypes you can observe in the everyday world around us. If I look around I find this behavior quite rampant. Me first. this is the difference between a developing and a developed nation. Look at any queue, ticket counter we are in a hurry. Most traffic jams happen for the same reason. And so do the accidents I guess.

It results in a situation which is sub-optimal. If traffic could be cleared in X amount of time in a developed nation now it takes more than X here in a developing nation. I think now I know the difference between a developed and a developing nation. It is the tragedy of the commons. Better roads, infra, clean streets are the end result and not the starting point of a path towards becoming a developed nation.

a lil low

Was feeling a lil low today. First I am sick and tired of going to the Malls here in Gurgaon. Same old stuff, noise and chaos, consumerism (not that i am not one of those). Gets on to my nerves sometimes. Its only for the excellent company get that I frequent them. I have been a lil busy with work after college and havnt taken a break since. Job starts in another 15 days and then it will be even more busy. Really felt like going on a trek somewhere but just couldnt find enough time.

have been watching movies every weekend for quite some time and it seems now even they are becoming routine. movies have been the only source of Audio Visual entertainment given that its been some years that I watched any TV. Not even cricket. I quit that when I was in school. Seems like waste of time to me. and its not too much entertainment either.

Have been thinking of going for a long run today. Will see how much I can do today. Look its gonna be a depressing post today so leave now...Have been suffering from a posterior compartment injury for abt three years now which means I can not run long regularly. If I start doing more than 50K a week it surfaces again and I cant run for the next full month or so.

Vaise If I look at it this way, dont know why but running has been like meditation for me for abt 5 years now. After a long run, everything seems good and fine. I even lied to my GF when I had to go running and she wanted to catch a movie. Will go for a surgical treatment once I get on with the job and some money to get the treatment. They dont have good doctors here in India who deal with these injuries. So may be a trip to australia or south africa is on the cards :-).

Have been going through some finance books of late. Cost accounting specially. Got a c+ in college in CA but now find it interesting now that we need to come up with some ABC like accounting system for our business.

Mom has made some tea.....thats it for now

Saturday, April 05, 2008

LIFEINLINFES.COM Concocation day Explosive loose motions and I dont need no education any more hurray!!!! check out this thing. a friend from college has started this new web based service where you can pen down your thoughts....emotions using a host of tools like sms, voice in, through the chat clients or through email. essentially your online diary. much more easy to maintain and easily accessible. they are adding on more features but have a look till then.

we had our convocation today , its a good feeling needless to say. mom and dad were there too. no one knows which way life takes a turn. I remember when I was sent to UK for a project for about 2 years. Donkey work....boring clients and an even boring city (bradford). One week into the project I heard boss talking to someone about sending one chap home. And I was at the corner office the next day demanding to be sent back home. Had I not come back from UK so many things wouldnt have happened. Family business, IIMCAL, BeatStreet Holdings. A couple of other life changing events as well but those are history and I really dont wanna talk or think about them.

I heard in a movie. "Life is pretty simple. You make choices and you dont look back". This thing can be life changing. Easy to say but I guess each of us takes his own time to learn this. Some may never.

And another thing happened today. Loose motions!! I counted and it was 17 times!!! By the end of it I was all drained out and had to drink several pouches of ORS (oral rehydrate) to just stand. I had to as I was in the convocation ceremony.

Now I understand why everyone is talking abt importance of water and its shortage :-). Delhi will have a water famine in 2020 someone calculated. I dont know how but if that happens .....phew....atal bihari vajpayee once said that the next war will be fought over water. not surprising.

Tomorrow I leave for gurgaon again. I have never liked calcutta. To the extent that I now have preconceived notions about its residents also but thats ok I can live with those and hope that I dont get to come here again. May be after 25 years in the alumni reunion. I am already looking forward to that but 2033!!! too long and I am sure we are gonna see too many new things by then. Anyways our generation has seen the Internet, the oil wars, and we will see the water wars , india shining and rising and what not. Its been a mix so far. Someone was saying that the last 2 years have rather gone through quickly and I was thinking about the past 28. Rather fast. So life is short. And there are so many things to do or have.

It was only yesterday that I was thinking of writing one last article here on my blog. Aaj man kar raha tha so just ........