Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Box that changed the world

Its only because of containers and boxes that world trade is today where it is today. Without containers you cant ship goods effectively. I have been in the business of selling boxes for about 2 years now and its been sheer fun. Really. No CEO or CXO of a company would know about boxes (corrugated or otherwise), essentially packaging stuff. They think its trivial. But they do when the production line stops. Why is that? Cause nothing moves in our world without packaging. Boxes are perhaps one of the few products which arnt shipped in boxes themselves. Everything else moves in cartons. I am in the same business.

and its my hypothesis that the perception of CEOs and CXOs is gonna change. Very soon. material handling industry is one area I am bullish about. Cheap manual labor will soon give way to pallet trucks and material handling tools. I am even looking for some companies to invest money. Its a broad call but I think its gonna work. Not big risk but I certainly see big returns.

About risk. It just occurred to me that Risk isnt only about risk but also about perception of risk. Ummm yeh thora deep ho gaya but mujhe aisa lagta hai. I don see any risk here but may be other people and even though I think that risk and return is a fundamental law but the perception of other people is what changes the law here in this case.

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