Saturday, December 09, 2006

high egos

After 6 months of B school life, I still think the same. People who come here have high egos. Whether we are like this when we land here is another issue. May be its the repute, prestige of these so called portals of higher management learning which inflates the egos of the people who come here. But i was just wondering that whether this could be the reason that students from indian b schools are not considered to be good global managers. What do you need to become a global manager:
1. Ability to analyze issues.
2. Problem solving skills.
3. Emotional intelligence.
4. Being a good listner.
5. Doing what you like or liking what you do. You may not always find the best work for yourself.
6. Facilitation of team work and group bonding.

well these are only a few of the issues and i feel that on point no 3,4,5 and 6 many of us fail. Why? Because of the bloated egos. We are always right. Our discussion style more often than not is argumentative than problem-solving. And i wonder what it takes to be a manager who will handle chaps from our b schools during summer placements or in final placements.

May be in the real world , behaviour changes but that remains to be seen, at least by me.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The I-Bankers Culture

Ha ha. There is no such thing as an Ibanks culture. When they say it, they are exploiting us emotional indians. Now when i am going to do an Ibanking summers, I saw many top bracket big bulge foreign Ibanks giving presentations on their culture but when the showdown time comes on day 0, their real culture is revealed. That of ruthlessness, lies and i dont know if sex and videotapes are involved too ;-). Some of they even proclaim that they are visiting this particular school exclusively in India and when you talk to your friends in the other school you realize that a 50bn $ bank lied. But thats what they are. maximize at any cost.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Am I worried?

No. That what comes to mind when I think that why have I not got any shortlists from the Big consults or the Money minting I bank powerhouses of the financial World. Before joining IIM CAL i was pretty desperate to find my own thing. What is that i really want to do? I was involved with the family business for some time and definitely the level of involvement and motivation was very high on the job floor. Now when i am here, I will definitely find a good cushy job for myself, but what will happen to the big search. Thats still on. If i am not able to find that, I believe an mba degree will add little value.

There can be another approach to life as my friend Apple singh says: Motivation is crap, just do it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

cool pics

Go to for some really cool nature photos. Most of them are mountains and similar trails but the quality is amazing. The site also hosts articles from some pretty big names in the Mountaineering world.

Monday, October 02, 2006

running gear and todays update

date : 2-10-2006
Distance: 11k
place : gurgaon

I realized what role can weather play in your performance. Its very pleasant these days here in Gurgaon and I did 11k in 55 minutes. Thats rather good by my own standards. Had i done that in Calcutta I would have been sweating like anything. Even the dry fits are of no use there.

its a rather good idea to invest in some good running shorts and t shirt before u start running more than 7k. More money you spend more comfort you can buy. Its as simple as that. Personally i go for the short parachute stuff shorts which are slit at the sides. Long shorts will rub and cause rashes on the inner thighs. Nike and adidas have come out with some cool dry fit stuff which they put in tees. Its great comfort and of course with all the cool running gear you actually feel good, much like a runner.

I am thinking of going through some literature on diet and nutrition and will put my own thing on the blog. Even otherwise its a good idea to read something about nutrition.

watch this space!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

running update...

time ---------- 5.25 pm
place ---------- gurgaon

distance 7k

Weather here is a bit dry. Though it gets pretty sweaty in calcutta but i feel that its easy to run in a humid environ than a dry one. May be I have been having less water these days. Need to keep my self hydrated.

After touching 10k i plan to increase not more than 15% of distance in a week.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the running diary

if i look back, running is the best thing to have happened to me. It started as i was putting on weight like anything. Now its become a habbit. It gives me immense satisfaction to be able to run fairly long distances. In the process I have had my shares of disappointments as well as moments of achievement like when i did my first 10k run or when I had to cut my marathon training because of an injury which left me grounded for a good six months.
I have started again and this time along with the action I intend to keep a running diary which I would update regularly. I can judge my progress that way and keep a record. May be somebody will find it interesting too. I also intend to start a running club@IIMC. Its nice to see people taking those long strides to fitness.

Well thats enough bakar.....the stats:

26 sep 06 ----------2.6k road running slow pace
27 sep 06 ----------5k road running fast paced

And wish me luck so that this time i avoid injuries.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Competition Vs Passion

The feeling did arise, though because of sheer frustration :-) (too much load before Durga Pooja holidays). If people did what they felt like doing , more so in the context of the placement process of B schools, will the concept of competition come into picture. If you really have a passion for something, something which you look forward to doing, would you really care that there is somebody else who also shares the passion for the sake of competition ( there are exceptions though, Some people might be inherently competitive).

Thursday, September 21, 2006


do things change when you start believing in destiny? Does that make you more risk taking in nature. Or should i say you start believing in urself because you know that u are going to get somewhere which is already decided so nothing else matters.
After coming to IIMCAL I have had the pleasure of meeting Malli Mastan Babu. Malli opted out of placement process at IIMCAL to climb mount everest. He did climb it and in the process made the world record for fastest seven summits despite tremendous difficulties and obstacles. Hats off to Malli. Guts of steel i must say.
Now what could be that thing or feeling which can inspire/motivate a person to do something like that. I feel that belief in destiny could be one those factors.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

double standards

I was wondering whether human beings have double standards by nature. How we break the law, pay bribes or do the morally unenforceable and how we criticize the entire system of governance for its corruption and inefficiency.

Monday, May 22, 2006

biased media

We believe what we read in the newspapers and see on the television. Being a part of the anti-reservation group I could not help but notice the difference in the coverage of the protests by NDTV where it was a small thing when compared to CNN-IBN which gave it lot of importance. Even the presenters of CNN-IBN looked like anti-reservations. Is it because Prannay Roy is a close pal of Brinda Karat (cpi) or is it because CNN-IBN is earning the loyalty of the educated and the so called elite of this country cause its only they who are targeted (till now) by marketers , its they who invest in stock markets (mostly).

I remember that when the Yoga guru Ramdev controversy broke out NDTV came out as anti-Ramdev (Brinda Karat angle) where as India TV ( Rajat Sharma) supported him and is still promoting him.