Friday, August 14, 2009

knee injury

Sometime in december last year, during a regular run in south city gurgaon, soemthing snapped in the left knee. and it hurt. ever since, i have not been able to run. and honestly life is totaly screwed up if you cant do something that you love to do.

am writing after a long long time. running as i always say was nothing short of meditation.

well after much lazying around and trying different alternatives (gym, cycling) i am finally getting a MRI done and will see whats wrong with the knee.

Though i hope that nothing is wrong in the knee, in case it turns out that way, am even ready to get some metal put inside me. I will be a cybernetic organism them. Part metal, part flesh (remember T2).

though i had gone to this doctor in Gurgaon (Dr. Sangwan) who had a simple solution to my injury. "who has asked you to run" - i was asked.

Resolution for the next week: MRI for the knee. I feel good.