Saturday, May 31, 2008

31 may 2008

5k treadmill running. 20 push ups :-) pehle lagte nahi the.......3 second Frog stand planche position (see previous post) . 2 sets of forward lunges. 10 and 12 reps. ok day so far. its just 7:13 pm


a friend told me about these. bodyweight training which does wonders for your abs and core strength. All the stuff is taken off from and the link to the article is

Frog Stand
Begin this position by a
ssuming a full squat and placing your hands on the ground directly in front of your feet. By directly, I mean right next to your toes. Arrange yourself so that your knees are resting against your bent elbows. Now gradually lean forward taking your weight both unto your hands and also unto your knees by leaning them on your elbows. Using your knees on your elbows will allow your legs to help your shoulders bear the load of your bodyweight. As you continue leaning forward you will eventually be able to remove your feet completely from the floor and hold yourself up with only your hands on the floor and your knees on your elbows for support.

Balance is also a key to this exercise. As you first begin to learn how to lean forward in this position, you will often probably overextend and fall forward. Don’t worry have fun with it and enjoy some new training. Some pillows placed in front of you will help to cushion any crash landings.

Notice that this is the only static position in our progressions with bent elbows. Continue holding sets of this position until you have reached your one minute total time.

aaj try karoonga gym mein. kafi cool rahega

Friday, May 30, 2008

Tequila and Scotch

No Gym today. Didnt feel like. Had Raajma and Chaawal late in evening. Met old friends from college. Had a couple of drinks today. Mom and dad are worried these days when I come home late. I told them that its ok. I am not doping or anything but then they are worried. Dont feel good when Dad cant sleep when he feels I may be going through some tough times. But how do I tell him that I am ok. He just doesnt take it. Cmom dad I am 28 and very ok. So sleep well. I am a lil drunk. But good wala drunk. Not the talli types. Anyways......

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cold Steel

Have recently finished this book. Its abt the takeover batter over arcelor by mittal. Must say I am impressed, by LNM and his son. Well yeah the book is about the winning side so may be a lil exaggerated but then winners write history. Guy dolle is not gonna write a book on why he couldnt save arcelor going mittal way. But the book is amazing. Like a thriller. Must read hai.....

29 may 2008

12 k treadmill running. hot chick on one treadmill. post run 4 slices bread with jam and butter. some wafers, kurkure, old monk with diet coke with friends (khirbat, sidhu, lolly), chocolate ice cream. random net surfing.

man i do have so much free time. i cant believe i am writing all this shit.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

may 28, 2008

6k on treadmill. 1 degree incline. Fat uncle and hot chick on the other two treadmills. 0 sum game.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I quit

Aaj khus to bahut hoon main. Aaj na mere paas gaari hai na bangla hai aur na hi maa ka aashirwaad. bank balance bhi kam hai.

But finally i have resigned from job and have decided to get going on my own. I am hopeful that it turns out well for me. This decision. huuuuh. Thora nervous to hoon but its ok. I guess abhi I can take chances. Its easier now than later. Baad mein biwi bacche boodhe maa baap :-) and all.

Will keep posting on this.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Statement of the century

A friend of mine asked mom if there is a way to control his dominating wife (who i think is smarter, brighter and much more mature so its perfectly fine is she dominates him :-) ) of course it was all in good humor to which my mom said
"India got independence in 1947 and women have got it just 5-6 years back and its perfectly fine if they dominate"

Frankly I had not expected such statement from mom. But she was right I feel. At least till a couple of years back women had little place in decision making in the household. That seems to be changing now. I see so many smart women these days. In fact I feel that most of them are smarter than I am . Really. To this some of my friends will comment or may say that "yeh to kafi obvious tha. adhiktar log tujhse smart hi hain". I agree.
Random dialogue time from the movie Dil Chahta Hai: "Ret (sand) ko jitni jor se pakro utni hi haath se nikalti hai"