Thursday, May 15, 2008

I quit

Aaj khus to bahut hoon main. Aaj na mere paas gaari hai na bangla hai aur na hi maa ka aashirwaad. bank balance bhi kam hai.

But finally i have resigned from job and have decided to get going on my own. I am hopeful that it turns out well for me. This decision. huuuuh. Thora nervous to hoon but its ok. I guess abhi I can take chances. Its easier now than later. Baad mein biwi bacche boodhe maa baap :-) and all.

Will keep posting on this.


manu said...

cool, all the best dude! :)

Rohan said...

badiya hai! Ab maza aayega ;-)

know what - there is something all of us want to do but not many are capable of doing, drawing satisfaction from those who actually take the plunge helps :P

Captain Subtext said...

All the best! And CAMs with Rohan :D