Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Statement of the century

A friend of mine asked mom if there is a way to control his dominating wife (who i think is smarter, brighter and much more mature so its perfectly fine is she dominates him :-) ) of course it was all in good humor to which my mom said
"India got independence in 1947 and women have got it just 5-6 years back and its perfectly fine if they dominate"

Frankly I had not expected such statement from mom. But she was right I feel. At least till a couple of years back women had little place in decision making in the household. That seems to be changing now. I see so many smart women these days. In fact I feel that most of them are smarter than I am . Really. To this some of my friends will comment or may say that "yeh to kafi obvious tha. adhiktar log tujhse smart hi hain". I agree.
Random dialogue time from the movie Dil Chahta Hai: "Ret (sand) ko jitni jor se pakro utni hi haath se nikalti hai"

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