Saturday, December 09, 2006

high egos

After 6 months of B school life, I still think the same. People who come here have high egos. Whether we are like this when we land here is another issue. May be its the repute, prestige of these so called portals of higher management learning which inflates the egos of the people who come here. But i was just wondering that whether this could be the reason that students from indian b schools are not considered to be good global managers. What do you need to become a global manager:
1. Ability to analyze issues.
2. Problem solving skills.
3. Emotional intelligence.
4. Being a good listner.
5. Doing what you like or liking what you do. You may not always find the best work for yourself.
6. Facilitation of team work and group bonding.

well these are only a few of the issues and i feel that on point no 3,4,5 and 6 many of us fail. Why? Because of the bloated egos. We are always right. Our discussion style more often than not is argumentative than problem-solving. And i wonder what it takes to be a manager who will handle chaps from our b schools during summer placements or in final placements.

May be in the real world , behaviour changes but that remains to be seen, at least by me.

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Ritz said...

As far as the ego part is concerned.. I agree..