Monday, October 02, 2006

running gear and todays update

date : 2-10-2006
Distance: 11k
place : gurgaon

I realized what role can weather play in your performance. Its very pleasant these days here in Gurgaon and I did 11k in 55 minutes. Thats rather good by my own standards. Had i done that in Calcutta I would have been sweating like anything. Even the dry fits are of no use there.

its a rather good idea to invest in some good running shorts and t shirt before u start running more than 7k. More money you spend more comfort you can buy. Its as simple as that. Personally i go for the short parachute stuff shorts which are slit at the sides. Long shorts will rub and cause rashes on the inner thighs. Nike and adidas have come out with some cool dry fit stuff which they put in tees. Its great comfort and of course with all the cool running gear you actually feel good, much like a runner.

I am thinking of going through some literature on diet and nutrition and will put my own thing on the blog. Even otherwise its a good idea to read something about nutrition.

watch this space!

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