Sunday, April 13, 2008

a lil low

Was feeling a lil low today. First I am sick and tired of going to the Malls here in Gurgaon. Same old stuff, noise and chaos, consumerism (not that i am not one of those). Gets on to my nerves sometimes. Its only for the excellent company get that I frequent them. I have been a lil busy with work after college and havnt taken a break since. Job starts in another 15 days and then it will be even more busy. Really felt like going on a trek somewhere but just couldnt find enough time.

have been watching movies every weekend for quite some time and it seems now even they are becoming routine. movies have been the only source of Audio Visual entertainment given that its been some years that I watched any TV. Not even cricket. I quit that when I was in school. Seems like waste of time to me. and its not too much entertainment either.

Have been thinking of going for a long run today. Will see how much I can do today. Look its gonna be a depressing post today so leave now...Have been suffering from a posterior compartment injury for abt three years now which means I can not run long regularly. If I start doing more than 50K a week it surfaces again and I cant run for the next full month or so.

Vaise If I look at it this way, dont know why but running has been like meditation for me for abt 5 years now. After a long run, everything seems good and fine. I even lied to my GF when I had to go running and she wanted to catch a movie. Will go for a surgical treatment once I get on with the job and some money to get the treatment. They dont have good doctors here in India who deal with these injuries. So may be a trip to australia or south africa is on the cards :-).

Have been going through some finance books of late. Cost accounting specially. Got a c+ in college in CA but now find it interesting now that we need to come up with some ABC like accounting system for our business.

Mom has made some tea.....thats it for now

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