Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Eating diary

After much hard work, I have analyzed my diet. Finally. Here is the link.

This sheet explains what i have been having for last couple of days. You will be able to see the difference when i stayed at home and when i am in campus ( hostel). And once sheets lists the recommended daily diet. Earlier I was thinking of counting calories but that is futile. Something which takes so much time and energy can not be sustained. Specially when you are cutting down on food already. Now from this it looks like if i start following the recommended diet, i will look like a concentration camp resident. I noticed that on days when i though i had too little, i was close to the recommended diet. The recommended diet is from a widely acclaimed book (pretty expensive also) and can be generally followed by a normal person. Forget the calories.

Now this concentration camp diet + n number of crunches and other ab exercises + cardio (to take care of the past eating mistakes. we have been having too much ghee and junk)= 6 pack abs * % probability (some people can never get it, its tough for girls to get them and some can blame the genetics)

Is it worth it? Ask shahrukh khan. I guess credit for OM SHANTI OM can be safely given to SRK. The song was the publicity vehicle for the movie to start with. And the 6 pack made SRK an item in the song.

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