Saturday, December 08, 2007

plane to train

Suddenly air tickets have become expensive. I had assumed that since now I am in one of the IIMs I will see trains only in museums as current expenditure is driven by future anticipated income. But suddenly with frequent trips back home ( there are so many holidays in second year i tell you, its hardly any studying in second year. in fact a friend of mine even gave a proposal to profs that he will pay half of the fees of second year if they let him go with a degree after first year ) I am finding it hard to pay my bills from the educational loan that I have taken.

So its back to rajdhani again. When i was a kid and traveled in trains I often spotted nice girls :-) who were quite elder to me but I dont find them anymore. May be they ve graduated to flying. I guess most of the middle class has graduated to flying. And thats the reason why I dont get to see pretty girls in trains. Not that all the pretty girls come from middle class family.

Vaise I just found that no more tickets are available on rajdhani from Delhi to Calcutta for the dates i was planning and I have already started to look around for the alternate cheapest travel option. placement season is just round the corner and there is loads of work to be done. I better start doing something about it.

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