Sunday, December 30, 2007

database management, weight loss and fitness and cleaning your room

whats common between these three. he he he. kafi mushkil sawal hai yeh. aap phone a friend use kar sakte hain.

i was thinking about databases. you maintain one. clean one. there is an administrator who looks after the database. you fine tune it. what for? so that you can reap the benefits of maintaining a database in shape. taking out a report becomes easy when its in shape.

same goes for a clean room. specially in a hostel. i have a friend whose keeps his room in such a complex format that it requires some sort of effort every time he tries to find his glasses or a book or something. to the extent that he doesnt dare even touch his room (database) lest he screws it up and things get lost. so a passport will stay on the floor. its not lying there. its kept there.

if he could somehow spend a little time everyday, things would be a bit simple. but then without any situations or emergencies what is there in life. haan.

lets talk about health. its a long term thing. i am happy that i see many new faces at IIM Calcutta's gym. good. but is it too late. may be may be not. but a good start nonetheless. see here also you keep investing in your fitness. with your time, money ( on a good gym. where those table flat tummy girls turn up. they are quite an inspiration i tell you. try running on a treadmill next to a beautiful and slim model types girl and you will see your own stamina and endurance go up in a day) more time you invest maintaining it, less money and time you will spend in future repairing it.

by the way

anand raj anand has recently become my favorite singer. some of the gems which have come out from his music studio:

1. ishq samundar dil ke andar ( kaante)
2. pyaar aaya pyaar aaya saj dhaj ke mera yaar aaya (plan)
3. tera sarapa aisa hai jaanam (welcome)

all these songs are amazing. daaru peekar jitna mast dance in par hota hai aur kisi par nahi hota.
try it next time.

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