Wednesday, December 26, 2007

supply chain - the next level

it just came to my mind. is it possible in the near future that citizens (say a block of 20 houses, even more feasible in apartments, even more number of houses) start ordering their household consumer goods in bulk. what with the fuel prices rising, more and more parking fee, I mean i know i use close-up or colgate. i dont need to go shopping for that.

so here it is. a group of 100 houses order their goods together. they can find out what common stuff they need day after day in a month of two. and then we have goods from a cross-dock delivered to them together. everyone saves money. and the big retail which is the middlemen here gets eliminated. you go shopping only for stuff that you dont need on a regular basis.

though seems highly unlikely that such a thing can happen sometime soon but who knows what rising fuel prices and busy lifestyles in the future can lead to.

i would like to invite comments here. just found this interesting.

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Reshu said...

Intresting but was just wondering then how would somebody say
"Iski Shirt meri shirt se safed kaise?" :)