Monday, December 10, 2007

another F

I made the biggest mistake of my life when i opted for this course called marketing in practice. I slept throughout and now I am threatened with the second F of my life. The report doesnt meet the standard (minimum required) and man at 12 in night after i am down with two long iceland ice teas (my ex introduced me to that :-) so even more down he he) i am thinking that I should take an F. How does it matter anyway? One should take risks in life. I want to do business but if i can not take this small risk how will i do business. See I am in control. Totally. So lets see ki jor kitna bajue katil mein hai. Fukka milta hai ya nahi.

And it takes hell lot of discipline to quit drinking again and again. Even one time its tough and Its the third time that I am doing it. he he. Ab lagta life sahi track par hai. Kuch excitement aaya hai life mein.

And three of my group partners were french who hardly cared for the report and who wouldnt care now. these french i tell you $£"$%$. 90% of them do not work. Thats why their gdp is growing at snails pace.

Anyway its time to sleep now. already 12:13. nice sleep aayegi. late and drunk. kya combination hai.

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