Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kya action packed month hai

So many things are happening. I have become a chacha :-) . my elder brother has been blessed with a baby girl. My sis is coming to India after a long time. She stays in South Africa. I was even imagining my two bhanjaas to do some jhinga-lala dance with bushes as dress in a fancy dress competition.

Thats the good part. Now the interesting one. I was recently infected by this virus jo Harpees ke naam se jaana jaata hai. I read on the internet that its a fairly common one and even in US of A 5 lac citizens are affected by this every year. However internet is a dangerous thing. Everyone knows everything or at least can find out about everything. One of the ways in which you can get this virus is through close bodily interaction with someone whos already infected. Now nothing of that sort happened but yeah allegations were made by all and sundry. In public interest I rushed back to home from my hostel and on reaching here I was told that my strong immune system and positive thinking has rendered the virus dormant. Though the medicine has to be taken 5 times a day after meal. So that has made short work of my two months of diet control and cardio training in the gym. But alls well that end well. However given the presence of lots of people at home I decided to quarantine myself for another two days and I was even expecting the food being pushed inside the room from below the door but nothing of that sort happened. By god Norton Antivirus ki yaad aa gayi.

However I am fine now and cant wait to get out of home tomorrow to go around town in gurgaon. On a slightly different note, I watched Dus Kahaniyan and its a decent movie. Had to watch it alone. But you get the feeling that almost every part of the movie is from some other movie. But good time pass still.

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