Friday, December 21, 2007

a free friday after a long time and a bad movie to end the day

I dont remember when was the last time i didnt have anything to do on a friday here at IIM Calcutta. Not that i wasted the midnight oil over the books ( voh maine kabhi bachpan se nahi kia). Today was a good day. I had so much time to myself that I even managed to sleep in the evening, I rarely do that. Weather in calcutta is good these days. Its not like the tarpaye tarsaye wali dilli ki sardi. Just right types. Good sunny days and cool nights.

I decided to watch WELCOME late night show with a couple of friends. Akshay Kumar has been churning some decent movies off late so I thought welcome should be no different. But if there is one word to describe the movie - Disaster. Thats what it was. for 230 bucks a ticket and another 100 for taxi one side, it wasnt worth it. Akshay kumar has been wasted. And so is almost everyone else. Anil kapoor steals the show with his trademark mawali style and dialog delivery. But there are already so many film critics all around us and I dont want to be another one. All of us are so different and so are the movies that we like or dislike. Dont listen to critics.
I dont know how many of them get paid for favorable reviews. But yeah the movie is a waste. And if one of you likes this movie then you can infer that me and you have different tastes when it comes to humor.

Its good to spend time with good friends in these last two months of campus. If you read the papers there was an article on Indian Institutes of LIVIN Management in Hindustan Times recently. Yeah thats true but I didnt understand why they put it on print. Its not very important. But yeah makes for good read cause whenever there is something about the IIMs, people read that stuff. Most of which is junk* (will put disclaimer later) But yes in IIMs its one of the things that you notice when you first join as a fresher. For some its almost a culture shock with all that booze, smoke and parties flowing freely. Off lately I have even been hearing some titillating sounds in the hostel late in the night but I have not tried to find the source of it. Must be one of those "rangeen" movies :-)

Well its a free world. But so am I. Free to write about it. And feel free to read it too. 4 in night it is and here it ends. Bbye

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