Wednesday, December 19, 2007

220 + 220 km of dreams

My good friend Dhamija Deepak asked me to join him for a bicycle trip somewhere. I said yeah lets do it. Though it was another thing that he wanted to go to Digha Beach on a cycle. Thats like 220 km one side and the possible hurdles midway could be:

1. its winter time in kolkata and there is fog sometimes
2. diamond harbor road is notorious for fast driving trucks and buses
3. last time some one from college attempted it, he had to take a hitch from mid way

We ve given ourselves a time of aroubd 20-30 days to prepare for the trip. So we will be spending some time in the gym from today onwards mostly working on the lower body fitness. Though given my past experience with too ambitious endeavors, I am not too hopeful about the entire thing but ek shot maarne me kya jata hai.

will keep updating about the progress. Even if the initial enthusiasm fizzles out after some time, will still post.

na haar mein na jeet mein kinchit nahi bhabheet main sangharsh path par jo chala yeh bhi sahi voh bhi sahi

placements bhi are just round the corner. lets see what happens.

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