Friday, June 20, 2008

what do you want

i called up a friend. hes married and seems to be happy with the scheme of things. though its nothing of a mid life crisis for him but he said life has stagnated. i asked him what does he want from it now. he asked me in return what do you? and when i started thinking abt it i thought that its been ok so far. but at this point in time, i want pretty simple and cheap things. a good music system for my room, a good nice study chair and a good wood table, a couple of pairs of good running shoes and something to kill time. thats not much is it. and yeah a membership to an expensive gym where two hot chiks run on one side and two on another :-). thats not much is it. and he said well i already have all these and he just doesnt consider them as things of desire. so is it. different for all of us and its keeps changing.

a friend told about arthur ash yesterday. that when he was asked how did it feel when he found out he had aids. he said that he could have yelled at god that why him, but then he thought that he never asked god why him for all the good things in life he got so why ask now. if you stop thinking too much and just get on with life then a lot of things can be managed. may be its like resigning to situations but may be it works.

yesterday i did 16.2km on road. felt like god :-) its paining a lot today but its less than last time. i hope that this time i can fulfill my little dream. its on of the many. touchwood.

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