Thursday, June 12, 2008 , i am missing my wingies from IIMC is an indian website which promotes running. the founders are people with great credentials with numerous marathons to their credit. 14th jun they are organizing a 5k run in leisure valley, gurgaon. be there. morning mein hai. 6:30.

I am missing iimcal. and the good and bad times i spent with my wingies. all of us in the wing got names. ones which we never had. They started calling me Chaddi Singh cause of my extra short running shorts. they are actually very small. but then it was a boys wing. I remember Bhau standing in the wing at odd hours with a smoke in one hand and economic times in the other. Bhau was a legend in college. His now famous outbursts of ethics and morality are stories now.


went to the gym after a gap of 3 days. felt good to be back. i was thinking aise kaise chalega. i am sure there will be a time when going to gym will be not be possible or at least lifting weights and running long will not be possible. Now its like two days without gym and i get itchy.

did shoulder weight training today. forearms also. ran 3 km on treadmill. it was hot and humid today though the ac was on. but felt good. its not the same thing if you dont sweat.

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