Saturday, June 28, 2008

7 years countless blisters 3 trips to the hospital and finally the first milestone

I did my first half marathon yesterday. 2 hours of road running and pain and joy. This is something I have been wanting to do for I do not know how long. But something always stopped me. At times it was my own motivation which was not high enough, and sometimes my shin injury which would surface again and again.

But while I was attempting it, i realized the role weather and ones own state of mind can play. I tried doing this 4 days back and made the mistake of attempting in 35 degree c and 95% relative humidity. I almost got fried after 10k and was afraid that I would faint.

Yesterday I had some nice weather, cloudy and cool. State of mind was not peaceful but then the same thing helped.

Well to be tht its over I do not feel motivated enough to go out and run again today. Want to give it a break for a week and will continue then.

Next is 42k. And I am not expecting and I am not anticipating. Let things be.

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Ankur Pruthi said...

2 hours seems to be an exceptional time for someone doing it the first time, well done mate!