Saturday, July 28, 2007

New City, New Friends and 3 cute girls

Faridabad was not a good experience for me. Cause I dont have much memories of the place. I left faridabad when I cleared my 2nd standard. I spent the next three years in Hissar. Hissar is a place in Haryana. Hissar is the heart of the Jat Land which Haryana is. Aggressive people and even aggressive Bulls. We will come to the story of the bulls (saand) later. First about the three cute girls.

Mona, Gullu and Shallu were daughters of Khanna uncle and they lived in the house next door. Mona was the eldest , gullu beech mein and then shaalu. Mona was a hottie :-). Though I was in third standard, it did not take me long to find that out. She had what do you call that Boy cut hair and had an air of confidence around her. I would get conscious of myself when I saw her. ummm may be because I wasnt smart enough. And I was not the only one. Gullu was also a cute girl. Very cute girl. The only thing i remember about Gullu is that she was hit by a water balloon during Holi. One of we three brothers were behind it but not me. So it was between Raju and Kalu. She was hit pretty badly by the balloon and her skin turned red. I felt bad for the lil cute Gullu. I tell you , where ever she may be these days, she must be a very pretty girl. I think she was older than me so she would be married by this time. But still she would be a very pretty lady.

Shallu was a kid and we did not really think much of her. She would hardly come out of her house and I dont even remember how she looked like.

Khanna Uncle had some kind of a side business. He would sometimes call all the kids over to his house and we would pick individual grapes from the bunches and put them in a tub. I dont know what he did with all those black grapes. Even now when i drink Tropicana grape juice, Gullu comes to my mind :-).

Incentive? He would kids some grapes to eat. But as long as mona and gullu also picked grapes, I had a nice time.

Uncle would also never send the charlies angels to hang around with our bunch. But we were very young (I was in third standard) and I dont understand how we could harm them. And specially Mona. Never.

Mona was a sanskrit student, so she would have been in atleast 8th standard. How I remember that is once she asked me this question "sanskrit mein legs ko kya bolte hain". I was a shy boy and could never answer Mona.

But that was my first brush with what we call as crushes. So i started pretty early :-) .

The last time I met Mona was towards end of my stay in Hissar. It was another day and another incident to which I will come to later.


Rohan said...

and, what abt that visit by Khanna Uncle to ur place? the fireworks..

hitesh said...

haan voh baad mein aayega