Monday, July 16, 2007

Bunk Brothers

Thats me on the right , my younger brother on the left and my elder brother behind us. Vidyanand Public School was a pain. It was very far away from home. The school bus always smelt of diesel. The teachers were more like butchers and on top of that my mother had given them Standing Instructions to them to be as liberal in their attempt to make us study hard.

When was the first time you did something for the first time. There were many firsts, however I remember when all three of us bunked school for the first time. We sat in a nearby park and I dont remember this right but I guess we played cards. :-) Kafi Maja Aaya Tha. But this memory is hazy and I am not sure if we played cards or kanche.
My elder brother hated school more than us. He would bunk more often and was caught one day.

Side effects of National Anthem: It was a bright sunny morning and like most schools we used to have our share of PT and then National Anthem and some prayers. The national anthem was going on when it started to itch badly in my head. It was pretty hot and I just couldnt hold . I itched and got my first One Tight Slap in school. Some how being slapped always used to be more embarrassing for me. You know to tolerate a beating with the scale on hands was kind of a manly thing to do. Something you could boast off with friends. But One Tight Slap was never a nice thing to discuss. Kids would even tell the teacher to punish with scales rather than slaps. Some times they relented some times they did not. I do not remember any friend from Vidyanand Public School Faridabad. May be I hated school. I stayed there for two years (1st and 2nd) but cant recall any thing other than that.
Schools later on were more fun. Will come to that later.

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Rohan said...

School was fun..even I have my stories of the tight slaps..not one but many :P

Main bhi wed ko likhta hun..