Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stages of Life

I read some where about kids and the way they should be brought up.
1-5 years - Lalan
6-10 years - Palan
11-15 years - Taran
15+ - To be treated like friends

Now if you dont understand these hindi words dont ask me. If your hindi is not good enough its your problem. Of all I agree totaly with the Pitai Concept. Kids should be beaten up sometimes. My father would often make a bundle of three of us and the person on top would bear the brunt. Its always lonely at the top. I knew this from when I was 6. Had I born earlier, I would have given the quote.

Har ghar kuch kehta hai, ki andar isme kaun rehta hai.

If I was not thrashed by my Dad from time to time, I would have picked up some of the good things in life like Vodka and Fruit Juice a bit early in life.

The third phase started a bit early for me and my two brothers. We moved on to Faridabad from Gurgaon. I did my first and second standard from Vidyanand Public School, Faridabad. We moved to a bigger house in faridabad. We had tenants living on the first floor. And uncle had three daughters :-). Not that I thought about that.
I think a move from KG to 1st standard is a seminal event in a person's life. Its the first step into formal education. I dont know why my mom always said to the teachers "agar bacche padhai na karen to pitai kar dena". And teachers did listen to my mother. My dad never really came to the school to check on us. And unlike movies where kids feel bad when dad doesnt come to school, I never had that feeling. I think my mother was enough to tell teachers to beat us up. And dad took charge at home.

Of "Sam, Dam, Dand, Bhed" my father employed the third tool to its maximum use. But we never really complained. It was part of our upbringing. These days kids know how to dial 100 or 911 in america.

Infact when I went to UK for a project, I was told that parents there dont beat up their kids. ever. Must be true.


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