Monday, July 09, 2007

Rosedale Public School Horror Show

Rosedale public school was my first school. It was a badly painted yellow and red big house which was converted into a school for kids. I never liked school. When my mom was making me ready for school the second day I asked her if we have to do this everyday. If you remember the old Matador Commercial Vehicles, one of those would pick us up from home. Monu did not join the same school.

We used to have movie screenings in the school where typically cartoon movies would be shown. But that was different. May be it was mistake or by design, the school peon got a horror movie for the screening. By the end of it, most kids could not hold it and we had the teachers telling to the parents that your kids peed in pants. Boy that was one horror filled day. After all we were just 5 or 6 year olds. I would nt tell if I did it in my pants :-). That rather had a strange effect on me. I was quite scared by the serial Vikram Betaal and other such horror. I would also sit in the same TV room when the serial was being aired but when some horror scene came I would secretly close my eyes so as to avoid bad dreams later at night. It continued for some time and I could not enjoy horror movies for next couple of years to come. Infact I even missed all time bests like the "Kile Ka Rahasaya", "Veeraana", "Khooni Darwaja" etc. Later on I did watch all these classics but then it wasnt the same thing as watching as a 6-7 year old.


reshu said...

Exceptional blogging mate
For the last 3-4 days i have been regularly reading it and it really brings back the old memories ...

Rohan said...

now, don't you hold anything back..

tell us what you did in your pants! ;)