Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Magic Stone

This is something which doesnt happen in the life of most people. Tell me if I am wrong. The place where I used to live in Faridabad used to have some shiny stones in the soil. They looked like crystal. I was quite curious about them as a kid. Those were the days of the Panchantantra and Chandamama etc and the story about "Paras Pathar" was well known to me. I would keep bugging my mother to get me a Paras Pathhar. One day she said that in the Crystal look alike stones lying around, One was the Paras Pathhar.
For some time after that, I would be found picking the stones and testing them with a metallic object. I did not find the magic stone but I guess it again went into my unconscious. Now whenever I fall sick and have fever, I see the same stones falling on me in my dreams and it happens every time I fall ill. Only with a much bigger size. But now I am used to them and rather look forward to the experience :-)

Our Tenants were real nice people. Aunty would make wonderful Raajma Chawal and we were invited often. It was from then that Raajma Chawal became my National Food. Me and My younger brother can eat as much as is cooked for the entire family. We would eat raajma chawal late at night and even after getting up in the morning. Dad would be mad about it but what about free spirit ha ha ha . He scolded us often but he could not stop us. Raajma Chawal was never thrown away if it was extra. We took good care of it.

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