Friday, July 06, 2007

Deepali and "Tuteja" Connection

Yeah now i remember. The first girl in life I knew was Deepali. She lived in a house opposite in front of ours which was 120 - Housing Colony. Deepali's father was a scary man. He was very tall and had big moustaches. Almost as big as his cute lil daughter. He was also not very friendly with the kids. Deepali's mom would decorate plants with Empty egg shells. On asking, she would say that its an egg plant which grows eggs. Of course I believed that. I was 5. And I think me and Monu played our first game of "Posham-pa" with Deepali. We made a good team. We were young and Deepali was cute :-). I think Deepali got me hooked on to Comics. I was a "Billu Pinki Raman Krookbond" kid. In fact parents tell me that I learnt language by reading Comics and telling other kids. I could read and write much earlier than rest of the kids. May be because of the Comics. That brings another random thought to my currently disillusioned mind that if we could find a work we like , life would be so much fun. I do not know if I would have learnt language so fast with regular school books.

I do not remember much about Deepali, but she came back again when I was in college to haunt me. Thats another story which will feature later on the blog when I reach that stage of my life.


Rohan said...

now it starts :P

but, isn't 5 years a bit too early, I remember no names from then!

Sparkles said...

What is the connection between "Deepali" and "Tuteja" here? Who is Tuteja- You or Deepali or both?