Friday, July 06, 2007

The Legend of Bogay Bhaiyya

When it came to playing "Pai" Bogay Bhaiyya was a legend. "Pai" is this game of Marbles where a player would try to hit marbles lying at a certain distance with another marble. He used to play in the Local Pro Tournaments. Bogay would win loads of marbles and every three or four months he would have a big bag full of trophy marbles.
When the bag was full, Bogay Bhaiyya would stand atop his roof like a King and throw the Marbles to his followers ie the local kids. The kids would run all around to loot maximum number of marbles. Now that was free lunch. May be it gave Bogay an incentive to place bets again and win the local tournaments again. Now since we were three brothers we were able to collect large number of marbles. Papa would often get mad at us for coming home with pockets full of marbles. But kids are kids and so were we. I wasn't too bad at the game of marbles but wasnt too good either. These days kids do not play kanche anymore. Or may be they still play but we have moved from lower middle class to an upper middle class status and I guess its only kids from below upper middle class who play marbles now. Kids these days are real fast. They speak English from the day they are born and playstation and xbox come naturally to them. Well I a nuisance when I was a kid. Mom tells me that they would find me lying on the road outside with a bottle of milk in my hands . I do not remember that if I did that. May be.

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Rohan said...

aage toh likh..and I too still remember my good ol' kanche playing days..