Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Of Halley Comet and Butterflies

The first thing i remember from my early days is when on a dark night sometime in the eighties I watched Hally Comet fly past the night sky. I was playing marbles (kanche) with my childhood friend Monu (And he surely was a champ when it came to putting it in the right spot) when we spotted the comet. We used to call it the "Pucchhal Tara". If I remember right I was around 5 or 6 in those days. So thats the first thing i remember from my childhood. I had a rather happy childhood. All that comes to my mind is playing around with the local kids. We also used to catch butterflies. There were lots of them. Dont remember the species but they all used to be yellow in color. We would get up early in the morning to catch more of them as they used to be there in great numbers in the morning. The butterflies have gone since then. Now its all money and those simple joys of life have been replaced by bigger desires and unfulfilled ambitions. I wish childhood could come back and I could catch butterflies with Monu.


Rohan said...

nice start..

Anonymous said...

achaa isiliye abhi bhi teen titliyon ke peechey bhaagtey ho :)