Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tue and Tuna

Strange but the brother and sister duo were called Tue and Tuna. Tue and Tuna were kids of Johrar Uncle in Hissar. They lived in the House facing the Haryana Agricultural University.
Their home was called Johrar House. Johrar uncle was a typical Jat. carefree and always chilling out.

Tue was the Dennis the Menace of the colony and Tuna, his partner in crime. Now I tell you, we three brother soon took the limelight away. We introduced many of the kids to the game of Marbles (Kanche) and we had many friends soon. Now all kids want their share of attention from other. I used to win quite comfortably. Tuna often had fights with me. Now Tuna was really fond of her grandfather and I was fond of my my grandmother. Normally the fights between us stayed with in bounds but one day when we were taking a walk in the Haryana Agricultural University, she said something nasty about my grandmother ( cause my grandmother would not let her kill grasshoppers) and I retaliated by bringing her Grandfather into picture. Poor old chaps. We were soon fighting like cats and dogs. Tue was bigger than most of us and he was older too. Tue wanted his piece of action but for the group of college students who on noticing that a big bully sort of Guy was thrashing this innocent looking chap (yours truly), came to my rescue. After that incident I had what you call a love hate relationship with them. Tuna was our neighbor so couldnt avoid her and we shared many more fist-fights.

I was told years later by my mom that Tue had left home and he fell into wrong company. Not sure what she meant. But I could always tell. Tue was never really a peace loving guy. But I met him once after some years and he looked every bit of a trouble maker. Dont know where he is these days.

Now when I am writing this, I can recall more and more memories. As if it happened yesterday. Time surely flies. I am 27 when I write this. And I was 8 when this happened. 19 years and some months. Those really were the "Wonder Year".

Couple of things that came to my mind while writing this:

1) How neel and sarwar would make the bulls fight and soon the whole colony was running for cover
2) Collecting Chanda for Lohri
3) Shobhraj Madhu Charles
4) Bhalle Singh Sir and the Convex Lenses
5) Topless kids and Mallik uncle with a stick
6) The little Commandoes
7) How deepu screwed up my reputation in front of Mona
8) Ankit Dalal . My nemesis in school.
9) Thandi Sarak and the Gymnastic Classes
10) Suar wali Gali
11) When mom hit me with a plastic pipe
12) Virender Chacha and Carrot and Sticks

well I can go on.....Will take each of them as I go....

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