Saturday, August 04, 2007

the bullfights

Hissar is famous for its bull breeding centre. We kids would often go to the Haryana agricultural university to have a look at the bulls. they were kept at a safe distance from people. normally in their cages. Now these were not the ordinary bulls you see. They were like wwf wrestlers counterpart of the animal kingdom. Some times a couple of these would break open and roamed around in the neighborhood.

Neel and sarwar were two brothers who lived in the same colony as I did. Every time the bulls were out, neel and sarwar would spring into action and they tried to make the bulls confront each other by making them come after food.

Making the bulls fight was like starting a nuclear reactor. difficult to start and even more difficult to control.

Some times it didnt work but some times it did. And when that happened, all hell would break loose. Watching two 1000 kg animals charging at each other was amusing but dangerous. I still remember a curious onlooker who saved himself in just the nick of time by jumping over the wall of our house. He looked as if hed seen the ghost. I have never in my life seen bulls as strong as those. May be if i happen to go to Hissar some time, I hope to see some of them. Somehow I feel that the locality where i used to live wouldnt have changed much. And its quite nostalgic to visit old places which were home sometime back.

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Rohan said...

visiting those places where u have lived at some pt. of time is indeed nostalgic..have figured that out already..

So bull-fighting is one sport u were interested as a "kid"..Kanche is another..what else? ;)