Sunday, August 12, 2007

IIMC-B sports Meet

Though my mom and dad never asked me to study, they never really made me play. I am not blaming them. But if i look back 5-6 years, the best thing to have happened to me is Running. It was too late but it was good. I would run long and felt at ease with everything. It was the kind of thing you look forward to when coming back from work. Its basically a solitary sport. And its peace.

We just have had an IIMC-B sport meet for the first time (I must thank our sport secy Kamble, and Dhamijjjjja). Its quite an atmosphere. Electric. Tense. Passion. Love. Ambition. Nerves. And Sledging :-) are just some of the words which describe such an event.

Though its too late ( but is surely possible for me to pick up a sport and XL. Me and Chopra have decided to work hard to be a part of the upcoming XL sport meet. May the better team win.

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