Monday, August 20, 2007

Transactional nighmares

I have been an angry young man for some days now. May be its the stars or something else some of the problems I have faced in last couple of months from various service providers:

1) credit card company: it closed my account without informing me. resolved the matter through the banking ombudsmen.
2) Computer vendor: increased his float by good 44k by delaying the shipment by 20 days. They wanted to charge me for a mysterious banking charge which was nowhere in the bank statements.
3) Hostel Mess: Charged me for something I had never used. Matter yet to be resolved.
4) Bluedart: The overnight delivery company is into its 7th day of delay for shipping the laptop which was delayed by (2) and i am still counting.

and all these have been really energy sapping, nightmarish experiences where you end up banging your head into the wall that is the Customer care executive. They can drive you nuts with their apologies and not really helping you out.

Some body from Bluedart reading this? Your company sucks big time man. Its an even big sucker than the shitty place which Calcutta is.

I am in the middle of my end term exams and the only thing thats on my mind is the trek after the exams.

Grrrrr I need a break.

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