Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eating like a pig

its been some time. Not enough exercise and still enough time on my hands. What it does to me is that I eat like a pig. on top of that, i have been running only on weekends. Its time to take out my benchmark trouser and to see if I need to cut down my weight or my diet.

by the way exciting times these are. With so many interesting happenings going around the world and so much discussions
around the same a couple of things which caught my attention:

1. The power shift from customers to global phenomenon

Friedman has once again pointed it out. Though I have not gone through his latest book yet still the logic is kind of good. The world has to change its consumption patter. The americans wanted heated pools, big cards bigger houses so theyve been overspending for last 25 years and thus leading to so many things. not only them but also the europeans.

So now we have the financial crisis which has wiped off so much wealth from our planet. Add to it the problems of weather change, global warming, plastic pollution, oil issues (i dont whats gonna happen when the middle east would no longer earn all those petro dollers. Those guys dont work. Expats work for them. Once they leave is middle east going to turn into another pakistan

so the point is that so far CONSUMER was the king but is he any longer? More and more attention is directed towards issues like global warming and other such phenomenon. It is predicted that companies who can work along these lines will be the ones who will make millions.

2. They say that the race of men was born with a hole in his heart - from Hell Boy 2.

How true. There can be no limit to a man's desire, his ambitions. He would always want a bigger better deal. When I say man I mean women as well. May be they have bigger. So when people these days talk about end of capitalism they are wrong may be. Come whatever may we will still be greedy.

May be thats the reason why all our ancient literature says that "karm karo fal ki wish nahi" or that "turn away from material things" etc etc. A rather futile attempt to stop us from destroying the planet.

3. Jet airways sacked 1900 pretty girls and smart boys

Now that old guy Mallaya wants a bail out. Bail out! what for? Hes been blowing money to get F1 glamour. His yachts are some of the most expensive in the world. And he wants a bail out for the shareholders.

Not very long back the government bailed out farmers and there were articles in ET and BS over how it is so harmful. Well I understand Airline industry goes bankrupt every few years and then it needs a bailout. See if no aviation then so much less productivity so its in interest of Govt to bail it out.

But then its also the duty of the Govt. to bail out farmers. Then some will say that only rich farmers get bailed out. Well then only rich Ibankers and rich shareholders like Mallaya gets bailed out

4. There are only two kind of political positions: I WIN and I LOOSE. Same pretty girls and smart boys 10 days back were calling MNS and Raj thakrey names. After theyve been sacked (poor guys no doubt) they want his help and how!

Thats how kingship came into being. I may be a bad guy but i will protect you and even otherwise you have no option. So there was the king. And since he owned the historians they wrote all goods things about him.

Exciting times these are indeed.


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