Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have been reading about this. Can be a good thing during tough times. And can be a reason or excuse for inaction.

It says that you do what you have to do and what is to happen will happen. But yeah when you say that irrespective of what you do, what has to happen will happen, then its a problem. And a big one of top of that.

I dont know if God comes in the picture here. Whats he got to do with it? I would like to think that there is something which is running the show here. Somethings happening here. Something big. Which me and you can never understand.

My dad says that of 100 people 1 believes in god and rest are only afraid of him. I guess its that one person who does what he has to.

We have been going through this course in our MBA program. Management of Self. What basically the course does is make you analyze yourself. Now I say thats useless. The big computer inside you takes all the decisions. And for that you dont have to think much. I am not talking about the usual decisions (math, science etc). Those which are beyond these things. Have you thought about yourself consciously while making some decision or has it helped you in any way.

You think, introspect when something changes for good or bad. Life basically. And thats how you learn about yourself. Some much analysis makes jack a dull boy.

Like my old friend ankur pruthi used to say "soch gehri ho to irada kamjoor ho jata hai"

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