Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Sundarbans

Sundarbans is the world's largest delta and is worlds largest Mangrove Forest as well. Home to the royal bengal tiger, it is quite well known among wild-life lovers. On a recent trip to the place, I failed to understand why?

Now we were on these Boats going around the maze of streams and mangrove forests all the time. I thought that the boat driver could very well have made us going through the same route again and again. Everything looks so similar. And the humming engine noise of the boat along with the never changing landscape is perfect recipe for sleep induction.

In any wild life reserve, spotting the big cats isnt easy and depends on luck mostly. You may have to spend many nights to get that photo-op. However in Sundarbans, the mangrove cover is so bloody dense (yes i am frustrated) that I wonder how the tiger moves around them. Must be a tough job for the Big cats I am sure.

Basic underlying point that I am trying to make is that if someone, anyone offers you a trip to sundarbans, dont go. All you will see will be some lousy crabs and a monkey with her baby. Life mein cutting to hoti hi hai. Sabke saath hoti hai. Better pay a visit to the zoo if u want to spot a tiger. Will be easy , more fun and less expensive.

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